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 Welcome to Shubh Yoga Kendra

Physical Fitness, Mental Fitness, Spiritual Development: Yoga is the way to achieve it.

Shubh Yoga Kendra is a Yoga Therapy Centre where we treat patients suffering from various ailments  such as Neck Pain, Lower back Pain, Knee pain, Heart Disorder, Asthma, Diabetes, Hypertension and many more with the help of props such as chair, ropes, belts, benches, wooden bricks etc.

We run Regular batches which are meant for patients with ailments as well students who wish to learn and practice yoga. Pranayam batches  for mental fitness, Power Yoga batch on Sunday to remain physically fit for children and Youth, Yoga for Pregnant Women, are conducted at the Yoga Kendra. We also have reference books and DVDs to help you practice yoga at home.

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