The Shubh Yoga Kendra has developed several DVD sets that provide directions on how to practice yoga. These are available both in English and Marathi.

1. Focus onYour Body DVD Set of 7 DVD’s
2. Health Energy and Peace DVD set of 7 DVD’s

 First Step in Yoga



 Neck Pain

Lower Back Pain

Knee Pain

Relief from Stress

Focus on Your Body DVDs (approx. 40min) set of 4

Available in English and Marathi


1. First Step in Yoga – This is an orientation session that is run in the Shubh Yoga Kendra and explains the principals of yoga therapy and provides introductory postures.2. Pranayam – This is a 2 hour lecture that explains the Patanjal Yog sutras and the technique of practicing Pranayam. The DVD’s include the do’s and don’ts of 10 Pranayamkriyas.3. PranayamKriya – This includes a 35 minute practice at home workout.4. Yoga for Ailments – DVD’s are available that can help anyone practice yoga for neck Pain, lower back pain, knee pain and relief from stress. These DVD’s all have 35 to 40 minute workout sessions for student practice.


Health Energy Peace Yoga with Meditation DVDs (Approx. 1 hr DVD)



This is a 7 DVD set to cover exercises for the entire week, which demonstrate traditional yoga postures including Pranayam Kriyas in different sequences. All together there are nearly 100 postures in the box set. The postures are meant for practice by persons who are not suffering from any serious ailment.

Health Energy Peace Yoga with Meditation DVDs are available in English and Marathi