Get rid of Vyadhi (ailment)

A majority of the students at the Shubh Yoga Center are enrolled to improve their ailment condition. In physiotherapy, a stretch is applied to your muscles by someone else. At the Yogkendra, the stretch is applied through your limitations of the ailment with the help of props.

To get the results you need Faith and Regularity. You should have complete faith in whatever postures you practice and have a positive approach. You will notice, with the help of the props, certain muscles in your body are getting stretched. Gradually the muscles below them, which are in spasm, will also get a stretch. This helps to relieve pain. Once your pain is reduced you must do the twisting postures to move the muscles and then practice the traditional postures to strengthen the muscles.

Experience this yourself
• By attending regular batches at Shubh Yoga Kendra,
• By practicing with the 4 warm up Focus On Your Body dvds for the particular ailment. You will be definitely benefited.

For Asthma  | Diabetes | Heart Disorder | Hypertension

Refer to IHD reference Book in Publications and practice with DVD for Relief from mental stress.

For Knee Pain

Refer to Knee Pain reference Book in Publications and practice with Knee Pain DVD.

For Neck Pain

Refer to Neck Pain reference Book in Publications and practice with Neck Pain DVD.