Mental Fitness

1. Reduce Stress or
2. Get rid of Depression

As per Patanjali Yogsutra, 30th of Samadhi Pad,




Vyadhi= ailment, Styan = dullness, Samsay = doubt, Pramad = carelessness,
Alasya = laziness, Avirati = craving, Branti-darshan = delusion,
Alabdhabhumikatva = not achievement of a stage,
Anavasthitatvani=unsteadiness or instability of mind.

In this Sutra, Patanjali Mahamuni gives a number of conditions which cause the distraction of the mind and they are obstacles in improvement of a human being. He tells us about The Rajyog. Raj is mind as mind is the king of a human body. It has lot of controls of the general well being of a person.

The solution lies in Asan-Pranayam and meditation. Some relaxing postures will certainly help to calm down the body and mind. The postures take your awareness within to understand where things are going wrong. You have to go to the root cause of the problem. Then only you can rectify the same by teaching your own mind. In this field no one can help you but you yourself need to train your mind and overcome the conditions. Your mind is your mind, no one can enter it. So be strong and tackle it yourself. Regular practice of asan- Pranayam-meditation will definitely help you. But that is possible only with positive thinking.

Experience this yourself

• By attending regular batches at Shubh Yoga Kendra,
• Refer the Relaxed postures given in the reference Book for Heart, Asthma, Diabetes and Hypertension.
• Practice Shavasan regularly from the same book   & with the pen drive.
• Listen to the lecture of “Pranayam” DVD of 2 hours.
• Read Pranayam Book before you practice the 10 easy Pranayam Kriyas with the DVD.
• Practice with the DVD “Relieve from the stress”.