Mumukshtva (Desire to attain moksha: Liberation)

The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean, for the soul to reside in

While practicing Yoga postures the sadhak (student) experiences certain lightness in his body. So his awareness reaches inside the body and he starts getting control over his body. When he starts practicing Pranayam he starts getting control over his breathing. He can feel his breath anywhere in the body. He calms down to listen to the body and slowly starts liking the peace and quiet he feels. He starts meditating. This starts giving him tremendous peace and happiness and suddenly all the other happiness in the outside world is of no value to him. This leads him to reveal the truth about what is constant and what is changing. Until now he was always interested in the changing world but now he knows when his interest lies in such changing things he becomes a miserable person. Without his knowledge he comes on the path of dnyan( Reality). At the end every Yog sadhak gets attracted towards Patanjali Yogsutra. Please refer the next page for Patanjali Yogsutra.