Power Yoga Batch on Sunday

Power Yoga Batch on every Sunday 8 to 9.30 am. Age group is 8 to 50. The condition is they should be fit and with no existing major ailment.

Traditional Yoga postures are basically for prevention.If you practice them at the younger age, you will be really benefited. Your Spine and muscles around spine will be really strong. Keeping this in mind a Sunday morning batch was started in Shubh Yoga kendra in 1997.

We live in a world where teens and office goers are under an ever increasing amount of pressure to boost productivity and manage personal stress. This strain can lead to physical illness and pain as we neglect our bodies. Practicing Yoga postures along with Pranayam helps to overcome all obstacles on the path to perfect health and helps the mind by freeing it from confusion and distress.

The traditional Yoga postures together with the Personality Development tips, Suryanamaskar, Pranayam kriyas, mantra chanting is taught. Traditional Postures and Suryanamaskar help to keep the spine and the muscles strong and flexible. Pranayam helps the students to improve the concentration and breathing. Rhythmic Mantra Chanting can enhance the memory and improves pronounciation.

We  Shubh Yoga kendra are conducting this batch, wherein we teach yoga techniques consisting of Postures, Pranayam and Meditation which gradually builds up strength, confidence and flexibility.  Our effort is to focus on techniques so that even the beginner will have a thorough understanding of how to practice yoga postures in order to attain Fitness, Flexibility and Tranquility.
Age group  8 to 50.