Regular Batches

Regular batches are meant for students who would like to practice yoga as well as patients who are suffering from an ailment and are in need of a specific yoga therapy program. Application forms are issued only on the 3rd Thursday of January, March, May, July, September and November months at 8AM. The applicants need to pay the membership fee and sign-up for any available batch as per convenience. The applicants are required to undergo an assessment by the Doctors panel and are required to bring necessary reports. The medical assessments are set-up to take place in the last week of the month to allow for the commencement of the yoga classes from the beginning of the following month.


Our regular batches have about 15 to 18 students and students attend either on alternate day or every day as per the doctor’s advice. Each batch has 2 to 3 trained Yoga Therapists instructing the students. For a new student, the first set of therapy postures are prescribed by the doctor for 3 to 6 months. The consecutive addition of postures is advised by the Chief therapist or the trained Yoga teachers as per the student’s progress.

A student is allowed to change his or her batch schedule subject to availability. Pranayam Kriyas are practiced on the last day of every month in the regular batches. Once in every year Sadhak (Student) Development Event is held to have a get together of all the sadhaks and judge their progress.

Admission Procedure for the Regular batches

While enrolment is subject to the availability of spaces in the batches, the application forms are issued by the office only on the 3rd Thursday of January, March, May, July, September and November months at 8AM. The applicants will need to pay the entrance fee and fix an appointment with our doctor for a medical check-up. The patients are asked to bring necessary reports for the doctor’s examination. The medical checkup is in the last week of the month, so that the yoga classes can commence from the beginning of the next month.

Why does the Shubh Yoga Kendra have doctors?

Shubh Yoga Kendra is a yoga therapy centre and requires patients suffering from ailments to be fully assessed by doctors. The doctors conduct a detailed patient investigation and determine/advice Yoga postures suitability. Then the patient will be allowed to register with the Yoga Center.