Shubhada Lele

Shubhada Lele was brought up in a household that practiced yoga daily. Her mother, Bakul Deokule – a well known social worker, used to make Shubhada practice Suryanamaskar (A sequence of yoga postures) every day. Shubhada was introduced to the practice of yoga for therapeutic purposes under unfortunate circumstances; her brother, Ranjan Deokule, suffered from a heart attack and was asked to attend Dr. Shrikant Karandikar’s yoga workshops in Pune to rehabilitate his condition. It is in this setting that Shubhada developed the idea of bringing the knowledge and practice of applying yoga for therapeutic purposes at her own centre in Mumbai.

After undergoing formal training with Dr. Shrikant Karandikar, she established the Shubh Yoga Kendra in 1995 where she is the Chief Instructor and managing the Center as a proprietor. Over the last 25 years, she has taught over 1000 students to become yoga teachers of whom about 50 are current instructors at the Yoga kendra. Shubhada teaches them anatomy and Yoga postures according to the ailment. Teacher’s training kit is prepared by her with few tips and question and answer papers. She feels this exam should not be a stressful event for the upcoming yoga teachers. She has written several books to make everyone understand the postures they are going to practice.

Shubhada believes that yoga is essential to every human being and is very much like food and sleep. It is a necessary component of our lives and is a bridge between our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

By profession she is an architect and she practiced architecture from 1975 to 2002.

Formal Training

Shubhada learnt yoga from Dr. Shrikant Karandikar; his workshops in Pune were to serve as the starting point of her deep understanding of the yoga therapy postures for different ailments and how they influence the human anatomy. The workshops helped explain the various muscles and joints in the human body as well as their function. The theory was reinforced through rigorous yoga practice sessions that now serve as the basis for her classes to students.

Over the years Shubhada has attended several workshops and conference on Yoga in Kabir Baug (Pune), Kaivalyadham (Lonavala), Yog Vidya Dham (Nasik) and the Bihar school of Yoga (Munger).

Her Gurus


Dr. S. V. Karandikar is a medical graduate from the University of Pune. He, after passing out M.B.B.S. joined the Indian Army in the Medical Corps in 1962. In the year 1966 he started working in the city of Pune as a family physician. He had undergone extensive training in the ‘Science of Yoga’ from 1978 to 1993. His guru Padmabhushan Yogacharya BKS Iyengar inspired him to start Yoga therapy project at Kabir Baug Sanstha in 1989. Shubhada studied at the Kabir Baug Sanstha and learnt how one is able to control pain (from stretches) during yoga.

Shri. Tatya Bodas

Late Shri.Tatya Bodas who taught Shubhada the 10 kriyas of Pranayam which has become the basis of Pranayam sessions here.

Mrunalini Desai

Gave Shubhada insight into the welfare of society and the philosophy of life. She was a freedom fighter. She has written books on Ved, Upnishad, Bhagvadgita, mahabharat.

Sant Vardanandbharati (Anantraiji Athwale)

Shubhada visited Sant Varadanand Bharati in his Uttarkashi ashram. She was fortunate to have a direct discourse which brought about greater clarity of thinking and a defined focus on her future path. She greatly values his influence in her life.

Iyengar Guruji

Iyengar Guruji, is a living legend in Yoga. His postures are ideal and very graceful. His knowledge totally reflects in his books. She learned lot of traditional postures from his books. Guruji’s every book gives tremendous knowledge. He is thorough in Pranayam and lives in the Yog Sutras.