Teacher Training

A Sadhak (Student) is eligible to enroll for training to be a teacher after he or she has completed at least one year of Yoga practice at the Shubh Yoga Kendra. We do not have a short training program at the Yoga Center and require the students to undergo a one year training plan along with written tests to become a Yoga therapist.

Our teacher training plan provides the learning’s on the knowledge of human anatomy. The student will be able to understand the root causes of pain in a body and how to address it through yoga postures.

The following plan can vary as per individual requirement but represents the ideal schedule.
Training Plan

 1. Practice:

a) One year of practice as a student
b) One year of practice as a teacher under supervision of the senior teacher
c) One year of practice as a student simultaneously
d) Attendance for one Teachers Workshop is compulsory
e) Attendance for four Pranayam Theory batches is compulsory
f) Attendance for four Special New teacher’s batches is compulsory
g) Attendance for 4 Orientation Batches is compulsory
h) Attendance for Teachers Batch on every Thursday (6-8pm) is beneficial

2. Theory during the one year practice as a teacher

(Teachers Kit needs to be purchased from the center. It consists of answer papers & guide, 4 reference books, a muscle book, Pranayam book, doctor’s lectures and books of hip joint and knee joint)

    a) 6 Question papers to be solved
b) One Project on a given Subject

3. A certificate of completing Yog Therapy Course is given at successful completion of training plan.

Please call 022 2432 6869 for more information or to register.

Teachers Exams and Workshops

Doctors Lectures for Teachers