Yoga, A Woman’s Companion

This is an invaluable hand book, especially for women, who have to go through 3 major changes in life. Puberty- Pregnancy and Menopause. Any irritability adds to the problems faced by women. As such there are hormonal changes in her body. She has to fight with the changes in her body and make sure it doesn’t disturb her family routine. It is important that she stays strong, for the family. This can happen with the practice of yoga .Even girl need to understand the key principles for a healthy reproductive system, to make her fit and flexible, calm and peaceful. The pregnant woman can practice yoga postures throughout nine months. This helps for a normal delivery. This also helps for a healthy generation in the future. A thorough understanding of the delivery stages are given in this book. The breathing techniques help to have easy and smooth delivery. The breast feeding guidance is also incorporated in this book. And also what diet should be maintained by the new mother.

An important research is carried out which proves the powers of Yoga and how it is an integral part of a human being. Every human being grows with yoga postures in its first year. The child can make movements as its muscles develops the strength. The book also guides the parents how to introduce the children to Yoga.

The postures given can be practiced by boys and men too. They are good to maintain the health of lower abdominal muscles and organs.